• Image courtesy of Stokes Croft Land Trust

Bristol residents are reclaiming the land

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T05:52:57-04:005 May 2022|Territoire|

Gentrification is a major problem in many neighbourhoods in cities around the world. Groups of residents in Bristol, UK, have been organising to reclaim some of the land and properties vital to their community.

  • Lemon-scented gum trees were planted in 2016 along Flinders Street, on the edge of Melbourne's central business district. The native trees replaced  mature London plane trees.

Befriending Trees

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T05:54:31-04:0026 April 2022|Territoire|

Trees are one of those things that seem to be staring us right in the face and which we only now “rediscover” through renewed walks in parks during the pandemic, and the need to face the climate crisis, where trees have shown the ability “to reduce city temperatures, absorb carbon dioxide and soak up excess rainfall.”

  • Piazzale Loreto in Milan is one of the winning projects of the Reinventing Cities competition by C40 Cities.

Cities are the only sustainable way forward

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:29:48-04:0029 March 2022|Territoire|

At first glance, it might still be unintuitive for some but the evidence is mounting that living in cities is actually more sustainable than in the countryside. Hélène Chartier goes further, arguing that sustainable living is “not viable outside cities.” Interviewed after the release of the most recent IPCC report, she says that “cities are the only sustainable way to house Earth’s growing population–but the importance of protecting them from climate risks has been totally underrated.”

  • Illustration by Toni Demuro for the World Majlis series of essays

Cities as constructed ecosystems

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:34:43-04:0017 March 2022|Territoire|

This article actually reads quite a bit like a manifesto so it’s hard and perhaps a disservice to the author to try summarizing it, but let’s highlight a few points. In Reinventing our cities as constructed ecosystems, Ken Yeang, a Malaysian architect who describes himself as “ecologist first, architect second,” considers the various systems human society is built on, especially the natural ones, and what we need to change in facing the climate crisis.

  • Adjaye Mass Timber Plants Quayside Toronto- Dezeen

Mass-timber building covered in plants for Toronto’s waterfront

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-06-08T05:10:19-04:0015 March 2022|Territoire|

Very short post since there isn’t that much to say yet about the project and I haven’t looked into potential pushback (this replaces the infamous Sidewalk labs plan which looked good but was very problematic). But for now this new version of Toronto’s Quayside project, which includes a design for a mass-timber building covered in plants, certainly looks fantastic. So have a look at the vision, perhaps we’ll revisit later.

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