In order to formulate this first version of the project, Communautique has surrounded itself with collaborators interested in the issues of sustainable development, circular economy, short circuits and urban planning. It has joined forces with Percolab Coop as co-promoter of the codesign process of Fab City Montreal and has confirmed the following first partners of the building site :

The 20 ambassadors of Fab City Montréal :

  • Raquel Peñalosa,
    Président of Communautique
  • Geoffroi Garon-Épaule,
    Researcher Communautique
  • Guillaume Coulombe,
    Procédurable and Président of Coop de solidarité Fab Labs Québec
  • Pierre-Laurent Salin de l’Étoile,
  • Marie Rousseau,
  • Esther Dormagen,
  • Sylvain Carle,
    SecondMuse Capital, Senior Director of Ecosystem Development and Climate Impact Investment
  • Michel Massé,
  • Jonathan Bélisle,
    Stories of a Near Future
  • Robert Dumontet,
    Business Development Manager, Consultant
  • Hélène Godin,
    La Factry
  • Pascal Beauchesne,
    Alliances stratégiques et écosystème d’innovation chez NUMANA
  • Réseau québécois de Villes et Villages en santé (RQVVS)
  • Éric Janosz,
    Make it Happen Kankei Group Inc.
  • Will Salmon,
  • Felix Goyenetche,
    Researcher UdeM
  • Hélène Veilleux,
    SDC District Central
  • Edgar Andrade,
    Fab Lab Recife Brésil
  • Tayssa Waldron,
    Civic Design Project
  • Pierre-Léonard Harvey,
  • Professor UQÀM

About Communautique

Communautique has been working for 21 years to democratize access to technologies in a perspective of sustainable, economic and social development. Communautique also distinguishes itself by its practices related to sustainable development. In 2019, it obtained the Ecocertification – Level 2 – Performance, by Ecocert Canada.

About Percolab Coop

Percolab Coop is an international network of companies in co-creation, codesign, innovation and systems thinking, which supports organizations. For the past 12 years, Percolab has functioned as a laboratory to determine how an organization or ecosystem can function.

How to participate in the codesign process, as a :


receive information
and participate in the activities of the process


collaborate to promote the approach,
facilitate and participate in activities


offer support to the process,
participate in its outreach and activities,
contribute resources and facilitate relations with the community.


develop and be the guarantor of the approach,
the resources and the financing

For more informations, contact : →

A big thank you to the supporters of this initiative

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