• MIT Senseable City Lab maps Brazilian favela with handheld 3D-scanners

Mapping informal settlements

By Patrick Tanguay|2021-07-19T03:47:38-04:0010 June 2021|Innovation, Technologie|

A team at the MIT Senseable City Lab mapped a Brazilian favela with handheld 3D-scanners. I’ll be honest, part of why I’m blogging this is that it just looks very cool! Called Favelas 4D, the project uses point cloud data from handheld LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) scans in order to study the form of Rocinha, a favela in Rio de Janeiro. The low-income urban settlements have complex structures that are built by their inhabitants over time. […] Fajardo entered Rocinha on foot and captured the data with a handheld LiDAR device that uses a laser pulse to measure distances. Tiny points are mapped to locations in space to create a dataset that reveals the intricate details of a 3D environment.

  • Reuse.city online co-design lab

Reuse.city online co-design lab

By Patrick Tanguay|2021-04-27T03:34:05-04:006 April 2021|Technologie|

It’s starting today so perhaps it’s getting a little late for readers to free-up some time to participate but Felipe Schmidt Fonseca, a PhD researcher at Northumbria University, is launching a very interesting online co-design lab which will run all month.

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