Towards energy autonomy through… cow poo?

By Laura Espiau Guarner|2023-03-15T09:46:56-04:0014 March 2023|Energy|

Renewable gases will be essential by 2050 to support the independence of territories from external energy supplies. Agricultural biomethanization, which transforms manure and slurry to produce methane gas, is a fairly widespread process in the world, particularly in Europe and the United States. It avoids emissions into the atmosphere while recovering the energy produced by the decomposition of organic matter.

Greener RVs thanks to old batteries

By Patrick Tanguay|2021-04-27T03:32:24-04:002 March 2021|Energy|

We love this initiative by Ryan Poh (click-through for a great series of images of his work)! He founded High Desert Off Grid, a one-man company through which he sells batteries to replace gas-powered generators in RVs (Recreational Vehicles).

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