• Hope, confidence and friendship at a repair café. Image by Sara Brouwer

Hope, confidence and friendship at a repair café

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:30:58-04:0024 March 2022|Education|

Repair cafés are nothing new, but the post is quite useful for all the details the authors provide and the great idea of holding it at a University with tables from different disciplines, offering repairs for different kinds of products.

  • Light installation at Cossitt Public Library before its transformation / Photo credit Joyce Peterson

The library of the future bridges societal divides

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:50:28-04:0010 February 2022|Education|

If your start thinking about a Fab City (or any city, really), what are some places you might walk into freely, meet a variety of people, and learn something? There aren’t all that many places like that, are there? Public libraries fit that description and a lot of the things people want to experience and learn about in terms of strengthened social fabric and projects leading to a locally active and globally connected are already happening in libraries.

  • Doughnut Economics Book Club Guide

Book clubs and doughnuts go great together

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-31T07:52:13-04:0015 June 2021|Education|

We’ve already covered the idea of Doughnut Economics a couple of times here so this will be a short post. This book club guide by DEAL with lots of tips to help you read through the book as a group is very well done, so I’m pointing it out for a few of reasons. First of course, because it’s excellent subject matter that adresses a number of our societal challenges, like consumption, inequality, environmental impact, etc. It’s a framework already put into action in a few cities around the world.

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