Book clubs and doughnuts go great together

We’ve already covered the idea of Doughnut Economics a couple of times here so this will be a short post. This book club guide by DEAL with lots of tips to help you read through the book as a group is very well done, so I’m pointing it out for a few reasons. First of course, because it’s excellent subject matter that addresses a number of our societal challenges, like consumption, inequality, environmental impact, etc. It’s a framework already put into action in a few cities around the world.

Second, connecting with like-minded people, finding one is not alone in one’s fears, goals, and hopes, is always a good thing to do, and book clubs can be a great vector for this discovery. The guide is a good one, whatever the book you decide to discuss.

Third, it could be a great starting point for a continuing club reading a sequence of related books, and useful projects and initiative could certainly emerge from such a group.

Fourth, there’s a great list of reading recommendations at the very end of the guide, for your own self-directed learning or to keep going as in the previous point.

Fifth, since it’s a global movement with a growing list of clubs, it also fits perfectly with the ideals of Fab City: making locally and sharing ideas globally.