Francophone cooperations within the Fab City collective

By Monique Chartrand|2021-05-18T02:32:35-04:001 March 2020|Blog, Cities|

In the framework of francophone cooperation initiatives within the Fab City collective, via the bilateral cooperation program Wallonia-Québec of the Ministry of International Relations, Annie Ferlatte, ecodesigner at Communautique, and Pierre-Laurent Salin de L'Étoile, connector of Ouishare, realize a stay with representatives of the Fab City movement in Liège and Brussels, in February 2020.

Fab City Distributed – First Fab Region in Canada: Bas-Saint-Laurent

By Monique Chartrand|2021-05-18T02:31:42-04:0016 October 2019|Blog|

In October 2020, the Distributed Fab City Summit, from Emergency to Resilience, was held online. The following regions and cities joined the 34 cities and regions involved in the movement: a first in Canada: the Bas-Saint-Laurent Region, Zadar City (Croatia), Valence Romans Agglo (France) and LINZ (Austria).

Let’s dream of tomorrow’s Montréal

By Monique Chartrand|2021-05-18T02:30:41-04:0019 September 2019|Blog, Cities|

As part of the RDV Techno (5@7) at the Desjardins Lab, Communautique and Percolab cooperative facilitated a workshop to feed the Fab City Montréal approach, and to gather small and big ideas to engage Montréal in the movement.

Sustainable food and urban agriculture in the Fab City

By Monique Chartrand|2021-05-18T02:30:13-04:0013 July 2019|Agriculture, Blog|

As part of the ImpactFest that followed the Startupfest, Communautique and Percolab cooperative hosted a conversation about food self-sufficiency in Montréal, which probed best practices and experiences and explored the potential for food self-sufficiency and urban agriculture in cities, on Saturday, July 13, 2019.

Launch of the “What if Montréal was host land to the Fab City movement?” initiative

By Monique Chartrand|2021-05-18T02:28:21-04:0013 June 2019|Blog|

Communautique has undertaken, in conjunction with the Percolab cooperative, an international codesign process to imagine Fab City Montréal. Nearly 150 people and organizations participated in two meetings to present the process. About twenty ambassadors and first partners joined the process, which will culminate at the Fab City Summit and the Fab City Montréal Campus.

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