Unrolled doughnuts for local action

In the field of pastry, there are different flavours of doughnuts, in the field of economics, it seems there are various sizes of doughnuts. The original idea was for planetary and country-sized circles, “the goal of the Doughnut is to meet the needs of all people within the means of the living planet, but what does this mean for the neighbourhoods, cities, districts or nations where we live?” Last year we looked at how Amsterdam is circling, how cities, in general, can do it, and at doughnut reading clubs.

Now the pastry chefs at the action lab are showing us doughnuts unrolled, a new set of tools for your place, in which they invite us “to look at the interplay between local aspirations and global responsibilities in your place–both socially and ecologically–and identify possible entry-points for transformative action.”

Doughnut Unrolled – Design document

The idea is basically to unroll the circle to show ecological and social zones and then split those along local and global aspects, turning the visual into four quadrants to work on. The article linked above is pretty short so instead of compressing their ideas further, let’s mention the five related tools as a bit of a teaser, and then you should head over there for the whole method. The tools are: four lenses; a community portrait of place; a data portrait of place; a selection of approaches to explore a specific topic; and “an overview of each of the dimensions of the four lenses on life.”

Note: the article also links to Google Docs and Miro boards to dive further into these concepts and tools.

Doughnut Unrolled – Introducing the four lenses

Images: Doughnut Economics Action Lab.