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Vehicles built in Fab Labs might be on the way

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:43:54-04:0024 February 2022|Mobility|

The question asked in the title of this article, Fab Labs Or Gigafactories? Or Both? might be a bit of a weird one, as it’s obviously not simply one or the other but rather a spectrum of solutions with these two at opposing ends. Still, a useful framing since there is the possibility, through innovative forms of organizations and licensing, to make complex products locally instead of making them exclusively in large factories.

  • Woman and man on electric scooters. Photo by Vlad B on Unsplash.

Micromobility may be underestimated

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:51:53-04:0010 February 2022|Mobility|

Perhaps take this short post by Spin on how the positive impacts of micromobility may be underestimated with a grain of salt because they are themselves a micromobility provider with their scooters. On the other hand, they are sharing intriguing insights since they do have a lot of valuable usage data, which they have put to good use, combining their own research with their partners’ research (Ford and the University of Florida in the post).

  • Frame from the video We’re using our streets all wrong by Hard Reset by Freethink

Taking back public space

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T07:54:42-04:001 February 2022|Mobility|

A really good short video on the realization that’s decades-old but now spreading: cars occupy an incredible (some might say insane) amount of public space; it wasn’t always like that and doesn’t have to stay like that either.

A car-free Berlin

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-08-05T08:17:28-04:0018 January 2022|Mobility|

Many people are bound to consider this group’s proposed plan no more than a pipe-dream–especially some friends in Berlin who regularly complain about the existing bike situation—but regardless, it’s a bold and beautiful one.

  • Shakira Hart, a landscape supervisor, is one of the frontline workers benefiting from a new e-bike subsidy project. Photo by Andrew Hawkins / The Verge

Equitable commutes by e-bike

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-08-05T08:18:44-04:006 January 2022|Mobility|

It’s still early in the year, but here’s my first coup de coeur (crush) of 2022. Discovered through this article at The Verge, the Equitable Commute Project in NYC was created to help disadvantaged communities who face especially long commutes, which creates barriers to employment and harm overall well-being. They provide fleet discounts and innovative finance, outreach and education, and perhaps the most forward-looking part of the whole program: workforce development to “prepare New Yorkers who face barriers to employment for jobs in the micro-mobility industry, which is expected to grow to a $300-500 billion market by 2030.” And it’s not only happening in New York!

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