Walking together to heal a neighbourhood

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-05-17T05:52:13-04:003 May 2022|Health|

Sometimes, it feels like to only thing one should write about a found article is a huge heart emoji. This is such an article, but alas, a blog post needs to be more than an emoji.

  • Pocket Park on Xinhua Road, Shanghai by SHUISHI. Image © Hao Chen

Neuroscience as indicator of unequal cities

By Patrick Tanguay|2022-06-21T04:36:38-04:0028 September 2021|Health|

One could easily be forgiven for thinking that the only link between neuroscience and the urban landscape is that many research centres are set in cities. However, as this article on equitable cities and environmental neuroscience shows, there are actually multiple ways in which the growing understanding of the brain, how it interacts with the body (and vice versa), and urban design overlap.

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