Francophone cooperations within the Fab City collective

In the framework of francophone cooperation initiatives within the Fab City collective, via the bilateral cooperation program Wallonia-Québec of the Ministry of International Relations, Annie Ferlatte, ecodesigner at Communautique, and Pierre-Laurent Salin de L’Étoile, connector of Ouishare, realize a stay with representatives of the Fab City movement in Liège and Brussels, in February 2020.

Their stay contributes to facilitate cooperation, both locally and internationally, between the actors of the transition through the francophonie. An overview of visits to fabulous spaces: La Cité s’invente, with their low-impact building, vegetable garden and energy workshop; Les Ateliers Dony – Espaces Mutualisés, which brings together workshops of craftsmen sharing cars; the Liège Food-Land Belt, which aims at 50% local food, providing land, analysis of transport flows and logistical support.

At the same time, passing through Paris upstream, meetings also allowed to connect with the Fab City Paris team, and to visit the StationF, WoMa, fabrique de quartier, thr34d5, the Fab Lab of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, and Volumes Coworking.