Cooperativa Integral Minga in Portugal, for sustainable and resilient territories

By Laura Espiau Guarner|2023-05-08T08:38:45-04:008 May 2023|Cities|

Although it may receive different names depending on the country (social economy, solidarity economy, community economy, collective entrepreneurship), in general the concept of social and solidarity economy (SSE) brings together a set of organizations whose activities - in particular the provision of goods or services - are based on common principles of social utility, democratic and participatory management, local roots and return to the community (see in this sense, for example, the definition of the SSE in Quebec according to its Social Economy Act of 2013).

About smart cities, maps, and fruits

By Laura Espiau Guarner|2023-04-28T11:30:03-04:001 May 2023|Cities|

Mapping and collecting data for resilient sustainable cities does not always need to be ‘smart’. As per its Wikipedia definition, a smart city is a “technologically modern urban area that uses different types of electronic methods and sensors to collect specific data”.

Urban hens’ pilot in Toronto: soon a community approach?

By Laura Espiau Guarner|2023-04-25T03:48:52-04:0017 April 2023|Cities|

A tiny proportion of the near to 3 million residents of Toronto have been keeping hens, in some parts of the city, in the frame of the UrbanHensTO pilot program. Soon it will be decided whether these urban coops become permanent and accessible to the totality of Torontonians.

Legacy cities of the US

By Patrick Tanguay|2023-01-05T12:24:43-05:0029 November 2022|Cities|

Ethan Zuckerman’s written version of his talk* at PopTech 2022 on legacy cities is packed with insights and a number of places and projects you’ve probably never heard of. It’s at once not Fab City and very Fab City. The history and downfall of some of the cities he writes about might not look like the rest of our posts here, but the emergence and potential of how they reinvent themselves, the innovation and grass root DIY of barebones creation is very much at home here.

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