An inspiring “army”

If you’re looking for some hope and inspiration, people working on big problems, and new ways of living more sustainably, clicking through to the One Army website and digging through should deliver on all of that.

One Army is a group of people from around the world working on global problems affecting the planet and humanity. Problems like plastic pollution, the growing amount of e-waste, fashion or the footprints we leave on earth by just living our lives.

For example the video below is a good investment of seventeen and half minutes, taking us around a workshop, living spaces, and quite a few lessons on how they operate, how the first year has worked out, and some unvarnished things participants liked and didn’t like.

One of their projects is Prescious plastic, a “Big Bang for plastic recycling,” and it’s the one the group is working on over the year that was documented in the video above.

Precious Plastic exists to reduce plastic waste. Sometimes we do it through boosting recycling. Sometimes through new biodegradable materials. Some other time by adopting zero waste lifestyles. Whatever works.

Our solutions see people as the key element to fix the plastic mess. Precious Plastic’s approach counts on people to bring about the necessary change. Small steps, multiplied by millions. That’s where we can win our battle. We don’t believe in techno-utopian, fix-it-all, dream technology.

Project Kamp is a life prototype for low impact community living:

We try to find another way to live, one that is more in harmony with our environment. There is a lot to figure out: what building material we use for houses, how do we store energy, how are we socially structured, what’s the best thing to eat for breakfast and much more.

We are going to prototype, test and try things out. And all the information, learning and things we develop are shared open source online for anyone to use.

The team is really working on this like a number of prototypes and sharing everything they learn as they go, including with a lot of great little videos. Not every topic is going to be interesting for everyone, but if you like DIY stuff and passionate people working on their project, even things like the video below about how they built a workspace and kitchen inside a shipping container, or these tips on how to buy a piece of land can be fun to watch.

As mentioned at the beginning, hopeful and inspiring people and projects, dig in.

Photo: how we build a workspace & kitchen inside a shipping container by One Army