Maker Break 2

Ok, so this series ended up being very very irregular, but here’s another few maker projects of interest.

Sustainable prototyping through creativity

Agustín Arroyo, like many makers with a 3D printer, realized that he was creating quite a bit of plastic waste. In this article, he explains how adding the constraint of reducing plastic has actually been a creative prompt for some projects, how others can be tweaked to use less material, and how he recycles some prototypes with a plastic blender.

DIY wildlife cameras and devices

Fun website and projects, with instructions and examples of how to make your own cheap wildlife camera to observe birds in backyards, it automatically takes pictures when it detects movement.

Splash! Water droplet photography

Detailed how-to for building an Arduino-based controller to take pictures of water droplets. It controls the dropper, the external flash, and the camera, and gives lots of options for the photographer to try different combinations. Great project!