Futures of food

Found in the course of clicking around to learn more about Domingo Club, the FOODTURE Connecting Platform is quite intriguing.

Connecting Platform is a digital space open to all those artists, designers, startups, inventors, companies or brands that want to show their disruptive projects related to emerging disciplines of the food sector and want to be part of the FOODISM edible cultural movement. It will be a public and digital showroom to meet, connect and share innovation and knowledge.

Not quite about fabrication, not about cities, not quite about making, it’s also kind of all the above, mixed in with food. Food safety, food autonomy, new kinds of proteins, local agriculture, local food making and invention, the list of variations in which our lives and the lives of our cities intersects with food is, of course, quite extensive.

There is no way, in this current “beta” version of the website, to link directly to categories, but a few examples to encourage you to visit: #circularity, #futureoffood, and #food_tech might grab your attention.

Some projects that drew our interest

Myco-materials “The shift from anthropocentric to planet-centric design occurs when we work with living organisms and systems and approach them not as resources but as our co-creators. Mycelium illustrates collaboration between species, sustains an underground symbiotic system continuously nourished and reconfigured through its beautiful hyphal network.”

Agro “an educational way to enter the world of haute cuisine through an immersive process where the user acquires knowledge through a culinary experience in the markets of Barcelona.”

Seaweed – 100% Biopackaging “8 Mio tons of plastic packaging per year are becoming a major danger for the world seas. The replacement of standard plastic by bioplastic in the packaging industry may be a core step towards sea protection and conservation of resources.”

Myco materials by Jessica Dias

Images: Wooden Foam, by Laura Gusart and Myco materials by Jessica Dias.